In their new production Britta Lieberknecht & Company continue their dialogue with composers of the baroque. With gleaming stagelight and dance they create an impressive performance to the music of Vivaldi, J.S. Bach and Händel. Their focus is the poetic aspect of these compositions. The light transforms the stage in which four joung women dance with each other. A game with the visual perception begins. Their bodies shimmer in the dark of a blue lake of light or glow in the glistening play of colours. Four characters meet engaging in a subtle dialogue with gravity. After passages rich of complex choreography their fiery dancing surprises with tender moments and silent pureness. „The dancers do not seem to dance a choreography, they embody the music“ (audience feedback) An unique experience of sound, colours and movement evolves appealing to all senses.

The complete documentation is published on vimeo, please contact us to get the link and password. Also a DVD is available.

Audience Feedback

„The four young dancers do not dance to the music, they embody the music with their movements./ Their dancing is full of feeling, they do not seem to dance a choreography but express themselves./ The deep emotionality of the baroque singing voice is danced as if the dancer would sing herself./The movement are at risk with gravity, but then the dancer has full control with ease./ The choreography shows exceptionally detailed musicality./ All four dancers are strongly present and extraordinary./ The difference in height of two tall and two small dancers brings variety. Wenn the tall and the small dancer with their very different bodies dance their duet it is exciting how they create such harmony.“


Kölner Stadtanzeiger und Bergische Landeszeitung

8./ 9.10.2014, Birgit Eckes

„The movements are painting the music, sometimes impasto with a thick brush, sometimes with the finest stroke of a pen. Even in the matter of fact lighting of the studio one is spellbound by the young women and their whirling lifts and piourettes.“
Complete article (in German)


Internet Critic on

Frieder Mann

"One is allowed to let the dance have an effect with its grace, complexitiy and expressivity and enjoy it, one is allowed to follow ones own associations and images like in the abstract Visual Arts, follow ones feelings and get surprised. And exactly through that the dance becomes meaningful and the images are touching. A dance is a dance is a dance...“
complete review (in German)
complete review (in Dutch)


dance performance to baroque music

choreography: Britta Lieberknecht & Company
dance: Neus Barcons Roca, Kanako Minami, Paraskevi Terzi, Anais Van Eycken
dramaturgy: Reinhard Gerum
musical coach: Laurenz Gemmer
lighting design: Horst Mühlberger
music: Vivaldi, J.S. Bach, Händel, Purcell
photos: Frank Domahs
video: Monika Pirch