Dancers pulsating in a unit in the secureness of a group but in the next moment entangled with each other - the new production of „Britta Lieberknecht & Company“ creates rich imagery from movement itself. In „Space for your Imagination“ to music of Keith Jarrett and Bernd Alois Zimmermann not only two musics with different world views meet each other but also contrasting characters and qualities of motion. Lyrical dancing swells to mysteriously vibrating interactions, explosive exchange of energy implodes to tender oscillation. The six dancers touch each other with fondness – or is it manipulative?
To the serene complex rhythms of Jarrett they dance with floating ease, reflecting the flow of water with its erratic waves. Zimmermann‘s musically warlike attack leaves behind a landscape of broken bodies, his jazzy whip up drives the dancers to their limit. „Space for your Imagination“ invites the audience to follow their sense and imagination to discover a dream world, sometimes even nightmarish. 

Music List:

Keith Jarret: excerpts from the Paris Concert, October 17, 1988 and from La Scala Concert.
B.A. Zimmermann: Tratto I; 4th movement of the Concert for Violoncello; Silence and Reverse; Concert for Trumpet.

Special thanks to ECM Records and the Keith Jarrett Management, Schott Music and Ralph Paland/ Bernd-Alois-Zimmermann-Gesellschaft


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Kölnische Rundschau

by Thomas Linden

A magnificient beginning delivers Neus Barcons Roca in a choreography reacting with each movement to Keith Jarrett‘s „Paris Konzert“. Sound is translated into motion, a marvellous exchange of media, in which the abstraction of sounds is not given away to patterns of meaning.


Kölner Stadtanzeiger/ Bergisches Land

by Birgit Eckes

Instead of Baroque like in the former works it is now New Music inspiring her to her typical emotional movement compositions. Especially the American pianist Keith Jarrett, famous with solo improvisations (up front „The Köln Concert“ from 1975) structures with his musical language rich in imagery the changing encounters of the dancers as singles or in duos or as a cuddling group heap. Under the skin goes Bernd Alois Zimmermann‘s ten minutes orchestration „Silence and Reverse“. With lashing rhythms he rides a warlike attack against the farewell, which has been the theme of his late oevre - Zimmermann wrote it 1970 shortly before committing suicide. To the limit the staccato drives the dancers sinking exhausted into the strong final image. Britta Lieberknecht is a purist, concerning the stage presentation, and so „Space“ is mainly accentuated by the stage light...This is touching and frightening at once and symbolizes exactly the tension between those poles which Britta Lieberknecht likes to enhance so much.


dance performance to the music of Keith Jarrett and B.A. Zimmermann

choreography: Britta Lieberknecht & Company
dance: Neus Barcons Roca, Kanako Minami, Sophia Ndaba, Paraskevi Terzi, Anais Van Eycken, Petra Van Gompel
lighting design: Marc Brodeur
music: Keith Jarrett, Bernd Alois Zimmermann
coach contact improv: Maayan Reiter
photos: Meyer Originals
video: Monika Pirch