Britta Lieberknecht

1973-79 classical ballet education in Düsseldorf, Germany
arts major by Boysdisciple Sigrid Schwarz
Kunstakademie Düsseldorf: Project painting and motion
1980 Amsterdam Theaterschool: Moderne Dans education, left school
1981 Clown with Roy Bosier Rome; Commedia dell'Arte with Ferruchio Soleri
lives from playing street theater for a half year in Italy
1981-84 Berlin, Method Acting ( Strasberg) with Walter Lott, acting training with Grotowski in Wroclaw and with the Roy Hart Theater
Breathing and speaking: Schlaffhorst- Andersen technique;
singing and voicing with Composer Vladimir Rodzianko;
member of the Ratibor Theater and danceprojects with Sara Shelton-Mann SF
develops and teaches “voicing and dancing“
filmproject at the Academy for Film and Television DFFB Berlin
1979-84 creation of soloworks, films and streetperformances
1984-86 NYC dance education at the Merce Cunningham School, dancetraining with the Trisha Brown Dance
Company and Viola Faber
Contactimprovisation, Releasework, Dancetherapy with Nancy Stark-Smith and other teachers of Movement Research and Naropa Institute
Releasework after Alan Wayne with Tamar Rogoff
Choreography workshops with Robert Ellis Dunn and Trisha Brownn
Jazzsinging with Jeanne Lee, voice through the body with Lisa Sokolov
dancer in performances of: Meredith Monk, Bread and Puppet Theater, Tamar Rogoff,a.o.
own productions in NYC
1986-89 teaches „dancing and voicing“ and „dancing with gravity“ in Europe
touring the soloevening „Aquarium“
crossmedia performance collaborations in Switzerland
teacher for dance and performance at the „freiraum theaterschule Bremen“
1989 founding the group „Britta Lieberknecht & Technicians“ with actor Reinhard Gerum
1989-91 dancer with PLAN K – Frédéric Flamand, Brussels
1996-2003 physiotherapist and Pilates Polestar Rehabilitation Trainer
1992-2009 lives in Köln until today creating crossmedia danceproductions
longterm collaboration with trombone player Paul Hubweber
pure danceworks to live music with drummer/ percussionist Christoph Hillmann
performanceseries with violinist Toshiko Takada
cochoreographer and dancer with Theater Monteure (dancetheater for children)
since 2003 exhibitions (Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten, Marl)
since 2007 teacher for professional training
cochoreographer, codirector and dancer with „Theater Monteure“ for young audiences
2009 Cologne Dancetheatere Award and Cologne Children's Theatre Award
2013 Britta Lieberknecht & Company“ was founded with 5 young dancers and pianist Laurenz Gemmer as musical collaborator