Michael Vorfeld

Musician, Visual Artist

14 years old Michael Vorfeld started his autodidactic development as percussionist. As member of „Heinrich Mucken“ 82 he began his sitespecific performance work. He studied arts and photography in Köln and visual communications in Kassel. His lightinstallations and crossmedia performances have been presented at the documenta 8 Kassel, Palais de Beaux Arts Brüssel, Expo Deutscher Pavillon Hannover, Goethe Institut Hanoi, Center of Contemporary Art Warschau, Plan B Tokyo, „The Substation“ Singapur, Art in General- New York and in many other international and national festivals and exhibitions. Michael Vorfeld created and performed the lightinstallation in Britta Lieberknecht's danceperformance „Press the trombone player“.