Horst Mühlberger

worked as a developer for image processing systems and measuring technologies. He followed his passion for light and lighting systems for stages and architecture and became technical director first at the Tanzhaus NRW and then at the Jahrhunderthalle Bochum.
In his work experiences and principals from architecture and stage lighting inspire and enrich each other.
Besides designing the lighting for dance and theatre productions of Vera Sander, Susanne Linke, Ursula Nill and others he also designed lighting concepts for "Das Gelbe Haus" in Düsseldorf, for the Dampfgebläsehaus, the Turbinenhalle and the Pumpenhaus on the site of the Jahrhunderthalle as well as for the Videokunstmuseum and the Bundesbauministerkonfernz 2011 in the Schachtturm under the Herkules in Essen.
Photo: Oliver Naudit


Marc Brodeur

after studying Philosophy and Mathematics since 1995 freelance lighting designer. Lighting design and touring for many independent theater and dance companies iin NRW like Cerna & Vanek Dance, Ilona Paszthy, Silke Z resistdance, Britta Lieberknecht. Since 2000 permanent house lighting designer and stage technician for Cocoondance Bonn/ theater im ballsaal, since 2006 with a.tonal.theater Köln. Currently additional studying Informatics at the University of Bonn.




Marco Wehrspann

Engineer of theatertechnics, stage and lighting master, studied in Berlin.
Production manager of the Expo 2000 and the Berliner Festspiele and technical director of the Tanzfabrik Berlin.
Since 1995 lighting designer and touring technician working with many choreographers such as Germaine Acogny, Rosalind Crisp and Barbara Fuchs.
Presently technical director of the Theater BRUT in Vienna




Wolfgang Pütz

is toolmaker and CNC-milling technician.
1989 dancelessons with Sonia Mota.
Lightingdesigner and projection technician for dance- and theatergroups, projects for children and juveniles, a.o. "Dance for Teens", Sonja Mota, Marcio Valeriano, Koni Hanft, Yoshie Shibahara, Julia Riera etc. Since 1999 he is technician for tanz hautnah Köln.
„I love to work with wood, I like the smell and the creation of furniture, it is like a dance, at first there is an idea and then a complete piece comes to life.